07 December 2009

All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter....

...And not all that glitters does it in the right way!
I'm back to my Tolkien tapestry (The Shores of Faery) and the choice of metallic threads has been particulary difficult.
I decided that this tapestry would include some metallics; after all that has been quite usual for traditional tapestries, and the subject contains the Sun, the Moon and a sea that would probably glitter a bit.. So I started my search for the Perfect Metallics . I wanted something that would glitter, but not too much, I didn't want metal to become too evident and sparkling...
I bought several metallic threads of different brands, and discovered that (...guess what...) they were different!
Some are shinier, some have a dull colour...I was surprised to see that most gold threads tend to appear vaguely greenish when you couple them  to a bright yellow yarn (that could be a problem!)
Well, I took a few photos; unfortunately light isn't great (and won't be great until Spring...), but they can give an idea.  So, here are my silver threads, that I should use to give some reflections to the Moon and its rays :

No.1 is  Madeira Jewel, a holographic thread. Very interesting and definitely beautiful! But it's too sparkly and colourful, not suitable for what I want to do

No. 2 - a Spanish thread, Presencia  (col.003). A beautiful silver thread with a very natural silver colour. It seems made of real metal (instead of just polyester like the others).

No. 3 is  Rainbow Gallery - Petite treasure braid col. PH02. Maybe the best of all, very thin and very flexible, with a beautiful shine...Unfortunately it's also the most expensive of all.

No. 4 is Kreinik blending filament 001. Nice blending filament, but its silver looks too grey for my tapestry.
 The same applies to the two DMC silvers (5 and 6)  and, E168 and  E415...They have a steel-like look, not really silver-like. E415 is particularly interesting as it's matte, and it's the only metallic I've seen with that effect...But it's not what I need in this case!

No.7 has  a warm silver look, but it's a Mexican thread I received once as a gift... I have no idea where to find another similar one. I'll do some searches, I think it's worth some attempts.

No. 8 is Gutermann  41...This is a  silver sewing thread but definitely grey and steel-looking ...I'm looking for something with a definitely warmer look. Nice thread anyway, it will be useful for something else...

So these are candidates! The  best candidates are 2, 3, and 7...Much will depend on whether I'll find a source for numbers 2 and 7, otherwise I'll have to choose Rainbow Gallery.

So these were silvers, tomorrow I'll choose golds...

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