06 January 2010

Digitizing project

This was already a last year's resolution, but New Years resolutions seem to turn quickly into failures, so this time  the approach will be different...
I have a lot of old embroidery magazines. Very old issues of "Il Ricamo Illustrato", dating from the 1920s...

At the time, those magazines were printed on a huge-format sheet of paper, then folded many times, so they needed no staples  nor binding of any sort.
This is an example of the following page... (BTW who might have wanted to embroider that huge spider, I wonder?)

The other page is twice as large, and it will be rather  difficult to take a photo of it...(I took these two with my telephone so the quality is low, but with my camera all the drawings are perfectly visible)
Unfortunately, the paper used was the same of newspaper, and it self-destroys rather quickly... If I don't do anything, they'll soon be beyond recovery, some of the issues are already literally falling into pieces.
And it would be a pity if they were lost! Many of the drawings could still be used today, and in any case the issues provide a very interesting insight on the tastes of the time; fashion, style.
These magazines are out of copyright, which means they can be freely shared on the net...And I intend to take photos of all the pages and make them available to anyone who could be interested (they should be hosted  by TuttoRicamo ).
I'll write updates of this project on these pages, so check periodically if you are interested!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful. They mustn't be lost. Excerpts from them printed onto fine art paper would make a wonderful artist's book, together with some stitching of course.

Barbara in TN said...

Wow! What a treasure! I would definately be interested in seeing more -
Barbara in TN