11 January 2010


At last I've found the drawing I lost a couple of weeks ago! ( I'm horribly untidy, I know! Things get lost and surface again as if they lived a life of their own...It's funny how they seem to get out of hiding places when I'm not looking for them) .
Anyway, now that it's back, before it disappeared again I scanned it, watermarked it (thanks to PicMarkr ), transformed it into a .pdf (thanks to PDF Converter Online ... I love not to have to install anything else on my PC!) , but I wasn't able to load here the PDF, so I had to use the .jpg... But at last, here it is! (To save, click on the photo to get the large version and click on the mouse right button)

I copied it from a 15th century marble decoration in Santa Croce , Florence... I want to try to use it as pattern for an embroidery, and maybe someone else will find some application for it!


Kosmika said...

I confess that I won't be able to use this as embroidery, but it's such a beautiful decoration... thanks for sharing! :)

silvgar1 said...

Ho visto solo ora questo bellissimo disegno, che archivio subito per usarlo chissà quando.
Silvia (da Soloricamo)

MyGrandpasPen said...

This would be a beautiful scrapbooking embellishment!