20 April 2010

First issue, at last!

Well, at last I managed to take photos and upload one issue of "Il Ricamo Illustrato", the first of many issues I have... And obviously I noticed I've already made a mistake! I wanted to load them in chronological order, but after  uploading this, I noticed I had a previous one...Oh, well, never mind, next time!
These magazines are made with one large sheet folded once and then another time, the sheet is not cut, so that "turning the pages " the magazine becomes progressively bigger... And the central page is almost 1 m x 66 cm, it's larger that the largest newspapers here!
So one photo is probably too small to contain everything... But scanning the frail sheet without damaging it is practically impossible, so photos are the only option available.

This is much smaller than the one I uploaded on Italian Needlecrafts , but the difficulty implied is obvious...
Unfortunately the patterns are so mixed and mingled in the page that taking photos of smaller areas will  certainly break some drawings or patterns.
Well, I'll have to think about it. For the moment, the 4 pages of this issue (1st March 1926) are available at the link indicated above...Others will follow!

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