05 August 2010

Holiday moments

Now that I'm back to my everyday life, I'm trying to put some order in the photos I took during my holidays.
Actually, I tend to take photos of *everything* I think I could find at least slightly interesting, often in multiple copies  'just in case' (as my digital camera is rather old and its screen is so small it's difficult to judge the quality... Then when I come home with several hundreds photos, I'm presumed to make a choice  and keep only those worth to be preserved, but..Oh, well, it's so difficult to make a choice! So in the end I tend to keep everything, after all  hard disks are cheaper and cheaper...
So here are a few snippets from my holidays, the rest will be on Webshot in a few days...

My tent ripped by the wind! The glorious Quechua 4.2 XL , on its 6th holiday, didn't survive the strong Mistral winds of Camargue, and we had to spend almost the whole holiday with the  roof flapping like a flag. But it wasn't that bad; it rained only one day and we could see the sky all the time, and it was nice...

Another moment: the Roman Theatre in Orange. I can't tell the disappointment we felt when we entered it and discovered that the scene wall, the only one in Europe still preserved from Roman times, was almost completely hidden  by the scene prepared for the 'Tosca' that would be played in a couple of days... It was a huge painting stuck in the stage as if an invisible hand had dropped it from above, and looked miserably out of place in the two thousands year  old place... The overall impression was a cross-like between a sinking Titanic and a giant advertisement for a perfume... :-( Even the lady in the painting seemed to wonder why they had placed her there...

Only glimpses of the Roman background could be seen... We'll have to return.

But of course not all the places were disappointing! My children and I returned to the Musée Departemental Arles antique, which is magnificent..Never pass by Arles without a visit to it!

It's large, well lighted the collection is well arranged and well explained...In addition they allow taking photos, which is always appreciated :-) and almost never possible in Italian museums.

(Some Roman weights for looms and other tools for textile crafts.)

Right out of Arles there is also this bridge, famous for having been portrayed by Vincent van Gogh ...It doesn't work anymore as a bridge  (even the road that passed on it  doesn't exist anymore except a few meters on either sides), but  now it's a  monument.

We went to the Cathédrale d'Images  near Les Baux de Provence, this year's spectacle is about Australia, and it's an explosion of colours.

But the most curious image comes from the past, from Saint Siffrein in Carpentras....
It's a ball surrounded by rats that are gnawing it from every part.

This 'boule aux rats' is present in several other French churches too,  and there are various interpretations of it, but its symbolism has mostly been lost. Some theories and a list of other churches containing similar sculptures can be found here (page in French, but it can be translated by Google)

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