06 August 2010

Il Ricamo Illustrato

... I uploaded a new issue on my site, Italian Needlecrafts. This time it's No 23, dating 1st December 1926. Nowadays, December issues of magazines are all centered on Christmas patterns, but at the time it seems it wasn't so, and this issue does not show any difference in theme compared to the previous ones...
Anyway, for this issue I borrowed my daughter's camera (which has a better definition than mine) to see whether photos came visibly better...Well, the difference was so striking that I decided to repeat all the photos of the older issues too! So I'm practically starting the work again...But this time even the smaller details will be seen well.
This is my favourite pattern of this issue:

It was obviously meant to be embroidered as cutwork (and maybe I'll try it...) , but it's very similar to patterns of Assisi embroidery (and maybe I'll try it as an Assisi pattern too!).
It's also very remindful of  patterns I drew from Tuscan architectural details and collected in a PDF booklet  ('Patterns of mythical creatures from Medieval Tuscan churches'), so I wonder whether this too comes from a similar source...

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