20 August 2010

Il Ricamo

And this is another ancient Italian embroidery magazine!

It was totally a surprise...A wonderfully generous lady from the USA (thanks Trudy!!) sent me more than 50 issues of this magazine, because she appreciated the work I'm doing with 'Il Ricamo Illustrato' and she wished the same for 'Il Ricamo'...This way patterns won't be lost, for embroiderers and decorators all over the world.
Issues range from 1905 to 1912 (mostly from 1910 - 1911), so they are older than those of 'Il Ricamo Illustrato'.
I've already set up the page   to host all these magazines, but will wait for the return of my daughter (and hespecially, her camera ;-)) to start taking photos...This way I can be sure of making a good work right from the start. I've just uploaded the cover photo of the first issue, which is unfortunately incomplete...There are also a number of  loose sheets that will be almost impossible to collocate in the right order as only the first page of the magazine used to bear the issue date and number. Anyway nothing will go lost, and I'll find a way to place even loose sheets.
This first issue has a lovely Hardanger piece  on the first page; and it's amazing to see how much Hardanger there is in all these issues...I didn't know Hardanger (that was called 'Hardang' at the time in Italy! At least it's spelled consistently so in this magazine) was so popular in the first years of 20th century.

Maybe this will also be the occasion to buy a new camera  for myself, I've been thinking about that for a while but haven't resolved yet...But as I'll have to take many hundreds photos  (or maybe thousands!) in the next few months, probably it's time to do an upgrade in this field!

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