18 September 2010

Ending a scarf without fringes

I recently wove three scarves and decided, this time,  to make them without fringes. One is already finished, but the other twos were still attached and unfinished, so I thought I would take photos to show how I did.
Well, this was the end of one scarf, once cut from the loom...

I took a long needle, and wove it back for a few cms into the scarf. Any long needle can be used; I found that this Sashiko needle by Clover was perfect for this!
The tip is slightly curved and makes it easier to weave (actually it looks exactly like a weaving needle. Once the needle is woven back, I thread it with one of the warp ends and pull it through, so that the thread is woven back for a bit. This will be enough to stop it firmly.
I continue, doing the same with the other warp ends; here a couple of cms have already been finished this way (notice the thread ends coming out of the scarf a few centimeters from the end):
In the end, the whole side is done!
The hem is barely visible at the bottom of the photo... (colours are different because in the meanwhile I had to switch on the light, and haven't found how to change the light option on this camera!)
Here it is a photo of the finished scarf, after washing, trimming thread ends and sewing the label...
It is a slow work, anyway! it takes almost as much time to weave the ends back as to weave the whole scarf (and that's definitely less interesting!)...I don't know whether I'll adopt it many other times. But the result is neat, and the scarf end without fringe looks very well in my opinion.


fabriquefantastique said...

Interesting and varied blog...I like it!

Elena said...

Thank you very much! I'm happy you like it!