24 October 2010

Bought on Etsy: "Miss Birch" by Virginia Lee

A couple of days ago I received a lovely print I bought on Etsy from Virginia Lee ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/virginialeeart ).
I love prints because they are an affordable way to collect  works from many artists whose originals would be too expensive... In this case the original is a pencil drawing that must have required many hours of work!
The title is "Miss Birch" and it's easy to understand why: the drawing  shows a birch represented in human (female) form, with the peeling bark becoming a dress... A very graceful figure that is both human and vegetable. It's not "too" treeish, I mean arms are real arms and not boughs, only the way she keeps them is strangely angled and suggest boughs, and the fingers that slowly turn into twigs make one guess  that she is a tree...And also her hair composed by leaves gets mixes with foliage of the trees around. The result is very fascinating and almost "believable".
I love it! And from real it looks a lot better than on Etsy photos (which is not surprising, as  for obvious reasons prints are usually shown with low-definition photos). I just publish here (with permission) a small photo of Miss Birch's face as she is so beautiful...Now I must find a frame that can look as good as this work!

Virginia Lee has also illustrated several children  books... I already had on my (long) list-of-books-to-buy "The frog bride", but the business card I received along the print showed an image taken from "Persephone" and from what I saw (both on the card and on Virginia Lee's own site, http://www.virginialee.co.uk/ ) I decided to add that one too to my (now longer) list of future purchases!

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