29 October 2010

Castles in the air SAL

I too am participating to the Castale in the Air SAL by Papillon Creations ! I discovered it when it was already advanced, and took forever to choose the colours (as part of the colours must be chosen by each stitcher! No two works will look the same), so I'm still in the beginning...But here is my version:

I'm still doing the central part, "The Formal Garden", and will post my progress here. (This photo is a bit blurred because it's not a photo, it's a scan... And the embroidery isn't flat enough to be scanned properly. I'll do better next time).
I chose the "specialty stitches" version (the alternative was cross-stitch only), which actually has _a lot_ of  different stitches in it! I decided to use an evenweave linen (Sotema 20L col. 38), that's a 38 count so stitches are tiny and I'm working with only one thread of floss...I hope I won't regret my choice in the future! Maybe it's too high-count, it isn't easy to stitch in the evening... But as I've started this way I can only go on :-), as I refuse to re--start it again.
Now I want to catch up with the SAL ...I'm still at part 1 and the No.16 has just been issued!


Gail said...

That's beautiful, Elena! The choice of thread shades make it so pretty! And, of course, I love the linen you are using. Is that the pink color?

Elena said...

Hi Gail!
I'm happy you like my work...I wish I were so sure of my thread choice! I don't know how many times I changed them; in the end I just stopped and kept the ones I had just selected! But I guess the pattern is done very well by the designer and she found a way to make it look good no matter what colour choices one makes! (about half the colours are fixed by the designer, the others must be chosen by the stitcher).
The linen is #28, not the real "pink" of Sotema (which is #1 and is more "peach-like", this is more a pink-lilac, I love this colour!