27 December 2010

The journey of the Three Kings

Like in most Italian homes, in addition to the Christmas tree there is a Nativity scene... Mine is in my living room (it's nothing special, but I'll add a photo here one of these days).
And no Nativity is complete without Three Kings coming to visit baby Jesus!  Mine start their journey quite far, at the beginning of the several-metres-long  bookcase in my corridor... They advance slowly (no doubt because one of them is always represented as kneeling down, which must make the march quite slow indeed) and today they were right in front of  some of my Tolkien books, so  had to take a photo :-)
The Sputnik model (a nice little object I bought for one Euro a few years ago on a flea market stall) is an addition that was decided by my daughter a couple of years ago... As the comet star passed close to it on the bookcase she started to move it along with the other components of the caravan (after all, it was  a "sky thing" too!), and soon it became  part of the convoy... And never lost its role ever since :-)

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fabriquefantastique said...

Love the glimpse into an Italian home. Seasons Greetings!