29 December 2010

New scarf

This is the scarf I'm weaving at the moment
The wool yarn  is very thin and the photo is very enlarged, that's why the weaving looks so "open"... The risk when weaving is of beating too much and get a scarf that will be stiff and feel like cardboard! Leaving the weaving a bit loose when the wool is under tension will ensure that the scarf is soft and nice when finished and washed.
I've already used that pattern, it's a traditional and very ancient one (called "Batavia") that was already used in Middle Age, and probably even before then...It's very simple, but the loom preparation is long as it's rather easy to make mistakes! Unlike the previous time, now I used a different yarn for warp and weft, so that the pattern is more visible, and not just a matter of texture (although I love the all-white version I made of it).
Anyway this time things went rather well and I only havd to correct a couple of small mistakes... Sometimes it goes a lot worse!
I took this photo when the scarf was just begun, now it's at a good point and hopefully I'll finish it soon...

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fabriquefantastique said...

always a pleasure and a learning experience....best wishes for 2011