30 January 2011

Back on track

...At least I hope so!
This month has been particularly heavy for me, with my mother still in hospital, and  myself with some unpleasant medical tests to do, (results yet to be seen).
I have worried a lot, got plenty of headaches, made all the usual worst-case-hypotheses, and then at last I decided to move on, as there is nothing else I can do at the moment.
So today I went back to my tapestry loom and worked  at The Shores of Faery... I hadn't touched it for a long time and I guess that by the time it will be finished it will be darke with dust (it doesn't show, but I saw how dusty the loom was..I suppose the same quantity of dust was on the tapestry).
Minu was very surprised to see me there; she usually considers my tapestry loom as one of her hiding places (not that it can hide anything very much as it's just a wooden structure, but it's almost impossible to reach her when she's behind it) so she was probably a bit annoyed by the fact that I stationed there... But she watched me work for a long time.
I'll also have to finish a couple of scarves that I'm weaving on my floor loom...I'm glad because it seems I'm learning not to make mistakes with this pattern; last time I used it I spent half of the time to unweave and correct errors...

(wow, this photo is terrible! I'll take a better one tomorrow)

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