07 January 2011

Back to normal

Christmas holidays ended yesterday with Epiphany ("L'Epifania, che tutte le feste si porta via", as the Italian saying goes, "Epiphany, that brings away all the holidays") . Most schools will re-open only next Monday, and many people are still on holiday, so the return to usual life  will happen slowly during the weekend.
Parking places can still be found easily in my road, and that means that a lot of people are still away at the moment.
But the Three Kings reached the end of their journey (led by the comet and the Sputnik) at last! I had promised a photo of my nativity, and here it is:

(It's nothing special, I know! We don't build large and complex sceneries like many people do, but honestly I wouldn't even know where to place a larger one. This is just placed on the top of old VHS tapes on  a bookcase. The whole scene is not much larger than shown in photo, and include a couple of small houses, some sheep and some assorted animals, as well as a few additional shepherds).
In the weekend I'll have to dismantle it (and the Christmas tree)  and put away everything, until next year!


fabriquefantastique said...

on the trail of the cotechino, will keep you informed

Elena said...

:-) Thanks, I will love to hear your impressions! But maybe it will be difficult to find it, after the begginning of the year...

Elena said...
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pat said...

grazie per essere passata da me cosi' mi dai l'opportunita' di conoscere il tuo blog
ciao Pat