05 February 2011

Improving my photos

Ever since I bought  my new camera, I've tried to improve my photos..
Etsy seller AtelierPompadour  posted few days ago a link to an article appeared on  www.handmadeology.com giving very useful suggestions to take better photos without having to buy a lightbox or studio equipment...Basically, a board covered with aluminium foil is used to mirror the sunlight coming from a window, giving a better light. Very quick and easy!
This is perfect for me, I decided... As my apartment tends to be rather dark, taking photos is always a problem for me.
For example, this was a photo I took of an embroidered decoration I made...

I took it under artificial light, and even if I improved it a little with Gimp or Picnik (I don't remember which one I used that time) to try to look it less yellowish,  the strong shadow under it doesn't make it a good photo...
So today I took photos again, this time at sunlight and using the aluminium-covered  board to reflect back a part of the light...
This was the original photo, as I took it:

 Not too good either! :-) (And the window frame still have paint marks I never cleaned! )
But the important thing I obtained was that the shade was rather lighted by the reflection of the aluminium board, it was not as defined as it would have been without it... Of course a bit of light more would have been nice, but unfortunately the sun had already moved away (showing just a thin ray in the photo!), so this was the best I could get.
I thought that  Gimp would be of  help! With it I cropped most of the photos, made it lighter and modified the colour levels until I decided it looked well enough...
And this is the final result of this first attempt

Of course I know this is not perfect, and I still have much work to do...But I'm glad I could improve my photos in an easy and inexpensive way, and especially without having to build a lightbox (that I wouldn't know where to place!) Next time will go even better!

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