23 February 2011

Milan tramways

Yesterday there was a blackout in the electric line that feeds tramways in my neighbourhood; I was out so I could see the unusual spectacle of empty tramways abandoned on rails...

Most of them were contemporary tramways of course, but in Milano also a number of ancient ones are in regular service. Some lines are still served by models that were manufactured in 1929, and are still in very good conditions (and often more reliable than modern ones!)

I was lucky enough to spot two historical pieces, about a century old.
It was such an unusual occasion to see these transports still, that I took these photos with my phone!

This one, which is now used to spread sand on rails during the winter...
(It looks so short and small compared to modern ones!)

And a similar one that should be little older (judging from its serial number!) but was luckier as it was well kept and destined to host parties and celebrations (tramways in Milan can be hired for parties, and even for marriages!)



paola said...

anche a Zurigo lo fanno: c'è addirittura il tram per le cene a base di fondue o in estate quello dedicato alla musica (e ai drinks) sudamericana

sonogio1 said...

che interessante tutto il tuo blog, ti ho trovata visto? Gio