16 March 2011

Fukushima, Japan

About one year ago, I wrote this post about Chernobyl... I wish it weren't still so  relevant today.
I'm following the news about Fukushima, and things seem to get worser and worser.
It's like looking at a  slow-motion Chernobyl...All the world's best experts are at work there, yet they can't make a difference.
There will be a time for judgements of responsibility and faults, but it can't be now.
Now, let's  pray or send  positive thoughts to those who are working to stop the nuclear disaster at Fukushima... They are getting high doses of radiations and even if the "acceptable" dose has been hastily increased by 2.5 times to allow them to work longer, this won't preserve them from the consequences of radiations.
Next month it will be Chernobyl's 25th anniversary, let's hope it remains a single event.

In the meanwhile, many Etsy sellers are offering some of their items to collect money  for Japan relief projects, as damages from earthquake and tsunami have been devastating...
I offered one of my scarves, the whole price of it will be sent to the American Red Cross for Japan earthquake and tsunami relief.
If you wish, you can go to Etsy and search for items associated with these initiative, just search for items tagged with "Japan aid" or "Japan relief" and you'll find plenty of beautiful  items at any price... It could be  an occasion  to buy something nice and help Japanese people at the same time. I usually don't spam people about Etsy, but I think this time the situation is really bad, even if Japan is not a poor nation, it needs all the possible help.

Of course you can also make a donation directly to the Red Cross, or any other organization you know (but beware of never-heard-of associations that might have been just created in order to scam people! You can bet there are lots of them on the internet, trying to get as much money as possible...Just trust serious organization you already know).

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