13 March 2011

My haunted loom

I learned from one of the Yahoo groups I'm a member of, that Native American weavers never leave the loom without a new warp for more than 4 days... The longer a loom is left empty, the more difficult it becomes  to get back to work, as the loom will get haunted by spirits and ghosts who will torment the weaver...

There is some truth  in this belief! Indeed  it's true that the more a loom is left empty, the more I tend to postpone starting a new work... This time I think I left some months to pass, and the result is that weaving is taking forever... Every kind of negative thought and event seemed to conspire against me, and a couple of scarves that I should (and could!)  have woven in a day or two  are taking me the whole winter!
But now at last  I'm fighting spirits off my loom, and even if these days I have very little time to dedicate to weaving, I'm proceeding rather fast...
And this time I'll prepare a new warp right before finishing these scarves, so that I can immediately rewarp my loom as soon as I finish and cut the handwoven! (Spirits and ghosts won't be left any space in my loom this time! :-) )

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