01 January 2012

Happy New Year... Without resolutions!

Happy New Year everybody!
Another year has just begun and many people are busy making new resolutions to change their life...I've decided to skip that!
I'm old enough to know that my new year  resolutions last  just for a few weeks,  then fail miserably...And  last year I read this very inspiring article that convinced me to give up the whole matter! Now I spread my "resolutions" all over the year; whenever I feel some change can be made or would be useful...I don't obsess with changing my life from 1st January, as it won't work, anyway!
That article appeared on The Guardian one year ago, but it's still perfectly valid and  applicable today... I 'm sure you will find it more helpful and inspiring than most of the "new year, new life" articles that can be read these days...


riorita said...

Hey dear,I agree with you. Instead of making resolutions,I just go ahead and do what I believe I should.

Amithigirl said...

Happy New Year! I like the "without resolutions" part too:)