18 May 2010

It's not my fault...

Oh, I know it sounds terribly old-fashioned nowadays to blame the weather for not doing something, but that's the truth!
Without sunlight I can't take any decent photos of my old magazines, and I've postponed ythe task from day to day, hoping in a day of sunshine... But rain and clouds seemed to last forever, in this rather unusual Spring.
At last, yesterday the light was good! So I could take photos of the third issue of "Il Ricamo Illustrato" (which is, actually, issue No. 11 , 1st June 1926).

Now it can be downloaded from the usual page of Italian Needlecrafts  (marked as NEW in the list of issues).

06 May 2010

Update on horse

I did all the weaving and forgot to mention it here! I made two wall hangings, (horsehair warp, nettle weft), which looks good in my opinion, but as usual my dark home doesn't allow to make them justice with good photos...
I like this photo of a detail  taken under the sun, but it was impossible to hang the whole objects in a sunny position. Oh, well, a detail is better than nothing.
I distributed some inlaid squares around; all red except one that I made blue in both wall hangings.. The  squares positions  anyway are different as I placed them while weaving and decided them on the spot.