23 July 2010

Back home!

Quand revoiray-je, helas, de mon petit village 
Fumer la cheminée: et en quelle saison 
Revoiray-je le clos de ma pauvre maison,
Qui m'est une province, et beaucoup davantage?

                             (Joachim Du Bellay, 1522 - 1560)

I love holidays, but I also love to return home...
And this is especially true this year, as I was stuck in France for a week longer than planned by a car breakdown...
My poor Citroen Xsara got important engine damages and only long and expensive repairs could save it and let us return. So my children and I remained blocked at Saintes Maries de la Mer, in Camargue, until the car was ready to leave.
And my poor cat Minu, the shyest car on Earth (my daughter  and I are the only people she -sometimes- lets come close to her..And she's equally afraid by other cats and animals in general)  remained alone for an extra week, fed by my brother who kindly went to my home every day  to fill her bowl with cat food  without ever being able to get a glimpse of her...I felt sad at the thought of her alone in the empty home, always waiting for our return.

But now that's over! We are back, at last.