16 October 2011

How to use Facebook Pages

No digital images today, but some information that maybe will be useful to someone else..
Like many other people, I have a personal Facebook page to stay in contact with relative and friends (ranging from close friends, to members of various groups and lists I'm a member of).
And like many other people too, I would like to use Facebook also to promote my work...But possibly without spamming friends or family, or people who are not necessarily interested in my plushes or my handwoven (or don't have to be reminded every  time I make something new :-)).
In the past I set up a  "Fan Page", but I've always found confusing to jeep it separated from my "normal" (personal)page... Then Facebook kept changing features and privacy settings, and things became more and more confusing...In the end I deleted my old Fan Page.
Now Fan Pages don't exist anymore, Facebook has turned them in simple "Pages", and one starts following them not by clicking on "I'm a fan" but  on a more general button "I like it".
Anyway, I decided to make another attempt and  created a new "Page" for my shop, and I want to share how I did it and use it. I don't pretend to give a complete guide, I'm a beginner myself! But I solved a few things that puzzled me, so maybe this post will be useful to someone. If you want to add something or point out mistakes or imprecisions, your comments are welcome!
First of all, I will continue to call the Page created for promotion as "Fan Page" , to distinguish it from the Personal Page  (which is the one meant for family and friends, and sharing personal things).  Facebook now calls the first only Page, but it's confusing  as we also have the Personal Page that is often called Page...

Creating a  Fan Page is easy, though the link is put in a rather unusual place, at the extreme bottomo of your Personal page, in the same line of  "About", "Advertising", etc. ... You will see a "Create a Page" link, click on it, and it will guide you through the creation of your page (which can be dedicated to a commercial business, or to a place, or to an artist...Anything you can think of)
But once the Fan Page is created, first of all you must add yourself as a Fan, cliking on "I like it" : this way you will receive on your Personal Page al the content that fans  (people who "like" you) will get. This is not strictly necessary, but it will be useful to see what  will -or will not-  be sent to your Fans from your Fan Page. In addition, this way if you wish you will be able to forward a content from your Fan Page to all your friends and family, by sharing it from your Personal Page (though I don't support this, as I think most of my friends would disappear very quickly :-). But I think I made it once or twice by mistake).

Well, once you have created your Page (Fan Page) and liked it, don't think it will be easy to find for other people! Your friends  will not see it, as it will be buried among all the other Pages you liked, in your Personal Page profile... For example to see my page (which is called,  very imaginatively, "Elena Rossi - my shop"), you must go to my Personal Page, click on "Info" , scroll down the page  past "Work and education" , "Music" "Sport" "Arts and entertainment"  etc. until the "Activities and Interests" section. At the end of that section there is a short link saying "Show other pages"... If you click on it, you will see a list of the pages I "like" (meaning, I'm a Fan of) . But only few of them are showed and mine is not one of them... There are only a few links to the pages, then the sentence "and 40 more"  (which in your case could be a lot less or a lot more, depending on the number of favourite Pages you have!) if you click on that, you will see all the rest of the pages I like, and among all the others there is, (at last!) my "Elena Rossi - my shop" one. Your case will be similar.
Of course it's obvious that NOBODY will ever find your Fan Page by chance, as it's so difficult to reach! So if you want people to "like" it (that is , to become your  Fans ), you will have to set links to it  somewhere (on your blog,  in posts, etc. ) as otherwise people will be able to find, at most, your Personal Page. Of course, when you will manage to have a few Fans, it will also happen that they will (maybe, hopefully..) decide to share some of the posts they receive from your Fan Page, so *their* friends too will see them and click on them, reaching your Fan Page that way (and maybe "liking " it in their turn)...but it will take a while for that to happen.
At first you have to give your link...And of course it's not an "easy" one that would be easy to remember :-)... For example my "Fan Page" address is  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elena-Rossi-my-shop/206454542733945  . Good news is that when you reach at least 25 Fans (people who click on "I like it" and follow your page) you will be able to obtain a shorter name from Facebook, without all those numbers. But until then, your link will be of that kind.

Well, once you set up the page, of course you must add some content to your Fan Page! Basically  it works like your Personal Page: you go to the page  and write, or add photos, or add a link (I usually paste links of my new Etsy items, though I'm planning to write a bit more), then click on "Share".
Mind, this "Share" just publishes the post on your Fan Page Wall, and only people going to that page will see it! So it's not very useful...If you want your Fans to get it on *their* page, you must click again on the "Share" link that you will see right under the post published on your Fan Page. But in order to forward it to your Fans and not to all your personal friends (like  it happens when you share whatever post on Facebook), you must pay attention to what's written on the right side of the screen of your Fan Page... You will see an "Admin" column with a link saying "Use Facebook as..." and your name, or  the Fan Page name. For example  when I enter my Fan Page I see the link as "Use Facebook as Elena Rossi - my shop" . When I click on that, I "become" my Fan Page administrator, and when I share something, I will share it with the Fans of my Fan Page  and NOT with my "friends" of my Personal Page. If I forget to click on that link, the post will look as if shared by myself (Elena Rossi) and will be received by all my Facebook friends (not necessarily my Fans). So this is an important thing to remember: pay attention to "who you are" when you share something from your Fan Page!
After sharing the post, I will click again on that link (that will have become "Use Facebook as Elena Rossi" in the meanwhile)  and return to my usual identity :-).
Confusing? Indeed, I totally agree!! I think the whole thing is very complicate to manage and totally "user-unfriendly"...But that's the only way offered by Facebook  to keep your work and family/friends separated. I suppose it becomes automatic after a while (until facebook changes everything yet again...)
Please write in comments if you have something to add , or noticed some mistakes, or have something better to suggest, thanks!

14 October 2011

Digital images

Other two digital images from 1905!
An elegant lady...
Altre due immagini del 1905 digitalizzate!
Una signora elegante...
and a pattern for an embroidery, a nice geometrical motive
e un disegno di un ricamo, un grazioso motivo geometrico
Click on the images to see them full size and save them!
Clicca sulle immagini per vederle ingrandite e salvarle!

11 October 2011

1905 digital image

Today I'm adding another image from 1905 showing two children...Actually the image was meant to show their richly embroidered dresses, but I think it could be used for some digital collage! I didn't restore it, and it's slightly damaged by a crease (visible in the hat of the standing girl), but I think it wouldn't be too difficult to fix it.
Oggi aggiungo un'altra immagine del 1905, che mostra due bambine...In realta' l'immagine  serviva a mostrare i loro vestitini ricamati, ma penso che si possa usare in qualche collage digitale! Non l'ho restaurata ed e' leggermente danneggiata da una piega (visibile nel cappello della bambina in piedi), ma penso che non dovrebbe essere troppo difficile sistemarla.

And these are  their faces  in details ...
E queste sono le loro facce in dettaglio...